ABC Reagents 2-Month Supply

ABC Reagents 2-Month Supply

Brand: CoralVue
Product Code: CV-ABC2
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Compatible Reagents for Automated Testing Systems

Reagent solutions for the analysis of alkalinity, calcium, and magnesium levels. It can be used to manually test levels of kH, Ca, and Mg of aquarium water. Available in two, four, and six months supply packs.* 

2-Month Supply

  • 2 A (Alkalinity) Reagent - 250ml Bottles
  • 1 B (Ca/Mg) Reagent - 250ml Bottle
  • 1 C (Ca/Mg) Reagent - 250ml Bottle

4-Month Supply

  • 4 A (Alkalinity) Reagent - 250ml Bottles
  • 2 B (Ca/Mg) Reagent - 250ml Bottles
  • 2 C (Ca/Mg) Reagent - 250ml Bottles

6-Month Supply

  • 6 A (Alkalinity) Reagent - 250ml Bottles
  • 3 B (Ca/Mg) Reagent - 250ml Bottle
  • 3 C (Ca/Mg) Reagent - 250ml Bottle

* Monthly supply based on common testing frequencies of automated systems.

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