Orphek Atlantik v4 Gen2
12 Oct

Orphek Atlantik v4 Gen2

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One of the best LED lights just go better

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To celebrate Orphek's 10 years in LED manufacturing, they are redesigned their Atlantik LED lighting series. The spectrum was so good that they kept it the same.  Most of the updates were geared toward the housing and internals to ensure that the materials would better withstand corrosion overtime. 

So what is New ?

Orphek reprogrammed their units and fixed a lot of the bugs within their application.  The internal WiFi and Gateway received new communication protocol to improve it's performance and reliability.  The power supply connectors were improved to meet higher weather proofing standards. 

The internal components has been replaced with higher quality and better tolerances. The improved heatsink offers faster and a more efficient when cooling the LEDs. The internal fans are UL and CE certified.  Orphek took the initiative to improved acrylic parts, aluminum grills to enhance the fitment and stylish of this new v4 Gen 2 model. 

They also now offer custom lens for Orphek Deep Aquarium 90, 60, 45, 15 and 5 degrees.  These new optional lens offer better light penetration for those deep tanks.

A new fan totally with a certified UL to CE company supplier.

Orphek is by far one of the best LEDs on the market with the best light spread; similar to ATI T5.   If you are wondering if it's the light for you, we can ensure you that they will perform well for SPS and LPS tanks. 

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