Orphek Gateway for Atlantik v4

Brand: Orphek
Product Code: orphekgwv2
Availability: Out Of Stock

The Gateway can store a program for up to 200 units, and each one could have a different program. It acts as firewall and uses internal protocol to talk with the light fixture. The Gateway can communicate to the LED light fixture that is up to 40 feet away.  The communication is encrypted with it's own protocol. 

Length: 121” (53.34cm)Width: 80” (203.2cm)

Height: 26” (66.04cm)

Weight: 0.24lbs (110g)

Package Dimensions / WeightLength: 10.23″ (260 mm)

Width:  8.66″ (220 mm)

Height: 3.54″ (90 mm)

Package V.W.:2.20 lbs ( 1 kg )

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