AI Hydra 64HD LED Light - BLACK - OPEN BOX

AI Hydra 64HD LED Light - BLACK - OPEN BOX

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AI Hydra 64HD LED Light (BLACK)



Redesigning the plastics in the Prime and Hydra lineup has resulted in two major benefits: better efficiency and better aesthetics. Efficiency improvements reduce the demands on active cooling for longer component life. Improvements to design thin the fixtures and reduce their profile and presence over your aquarium.


Water resistance is a major bene t in aquarium lighting - and while the new Prime andHydras are not waterproof, design improvements make them more capable of facing the moisture rich adventures of reef keeping.


A dedicated moonlight LED and channel has been added in the new Prime HD, PrimeFW , Hydra 32HD and Hydra 64HD modules. This allows for independent moon lighting designed to simulate the natural lunar color and intensity.


Control on the lights will use the existing myAI® app which is free, simple and very quick to program offering onsite direct BLE connection through your smart device.Additional control options may become available for the new generation Prime andHydras over time.

Optics and Output

Output in terms of PAR, color mixing and spread are all improved with the new fixtures.The incorporation of more LEDs results in a more targeted full spectrum, TIR lenses shape the light’s output and improve its efficiency. The result is more color POP as well as a slightly wider output area and higher average PAR. A combination LED placement and lens geometry blend the light from the clusters so that color separation is further reduced.


AI’s popular HD functionality, through which a user can route power not in use by

one color channel into another color channel is a much loved feature on the previous generation HD fixtures. As the new product names imply (Prime 16HD, Hydra 32HD and64HD) all the new HD lights retain this exciting feature. 


Mounting hardware as previously available for Hydra and Prime fixtures will work with the new version lights. The exception is the Hydra Flex arm which will require a different light bracket due to the size difference in the new fixtures. The Flex arm bracket will change with he new fixtures. Older ex arms being used to mount the new lights will need a new light bracket.


  • More LEDs

  • More PAR

  • More Spread

  • Improved Optic Design

  • Improved Water Resistance

  • Thinner Form Factor

  • Dedicated Moonlight Channel

  • Wider Spectrum (more channels) 

    The AI Hydra® 26HD will be replaced by the new Hydra® 32HD.The AI Hydra® 52HD will be replaced by the new Hydra® 64HD.The PrimeTM HD will be replaced with the PrimeTM 16HD.
    The PrimeTM Sol will join the Prime line.

    The PrimeTM Freshwater and PrimeTM Fuge will also receive changes to optics, heat sink and LEDs although spectrums will remain largely unchanged.

    More Color. More Spread. More Power and More Re ned . All without sacrificing anything that made the AI lights great. Best of all the new Prime and Hydras are being offered at the same price* as the current 26, 52 and Primes. 

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