GFO Phosphate Adsorption Media

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Phosphate Adsorption Media for fresh and marine aquariums

Available in 32oz, 64oz, 120oz & 640oz(5gal Bucket) sizes

  • Great for Up-flow Media Filters/Reactors
  • High Capacity
  • German Made Bayoxide
  • Absorbs Phosphate
  • Binds Silicates
  • Porous Surface

Phosphate Adsorption Media for Fresh and Marine Aquariums

Granular Ferric Oxide commonly refereed to as GFO ideally suited for filtering out phosphate from the water column which promotes better coral growth and helps prevent algae outbreaks. This medias porous high surface area is not only ideal for binding phosphate but also silicate, arsenic and other water-staining compounds.

Directions for use:

Rinse media briefly using RO/DI water until clear before use. Be careful not to stir or crush the media due to its fragile nature. Place media in a tightly packed media bag or preferably use an up-flow media filter/reactor. Slow flow is desired and be sure not to tumble the media. The suggested amount is 1.5-2 cups of media per 100 gallons.

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