Neptune Trident NP - Nitrate and Phosphate automated testing

Brand: Neptune Systems
Product Code: NepTriNP
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The Trident NP is used to test Nitrate and Phosphate in a saltwater aquarium. 

Marine Aquarium Water Analyzer

  • Automated Parameter Testing
  • Incredibly Precise
  • Plug and Play Setup with Apex and Fusion
  • High/Low Alerts When Tank is Out of Range

Quiet Operation

Trident is Quiet. If you listen really carefully in a quiet room you might just hear your Trident running a test.

Understand Your Aquarium

Regular testing and data will give you a level of insight into your aquarium that will help you to maintain a better, more successful reef.

Low Per Test Cost

Reagents available in 2 and 6 month packs. Each reagent pack provides 60 (NP) and 240 (Trident) tests

Consistent and Precise

Proven testing consistency and accuracy in excess of results achievable with equivalent manual aquarium test kits.

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