Ecotech Marine G6
18 Jun

Ecotech Marine G6

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One of the best lights just got better.  This new light has rebalanced the spectrum to offer better color for that coral pop.  The Radions come in the XR15 and XR30 models.  Within each of those models comes a choice of the PRO or BLUE version. 

Ecotech has always been a leader in the LED aquarium space and now with this sixth-generation lighting, the spectrum and spread just got better.  With the new 395nm LEDs, the light offers a deeper blue to UV lighting.  The optic has changed to offer 126.3 degrees of spread vs the 110.5 degrees on the G5.  This gives the light better coverage by reducing hot spots. 

For those with G5, the good news is that you can upgrade your internals to a G6, similar to the G1-G3.  

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