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Orphek Atlantik V4 (Gen 2)

The best Reef Aquarium LED lighting for Optimal Coral Growth and Color.  The Atlantik V4  technology brings built-in wireless control allowing you to easily program, control, and monitor your light(s) from your cell phone or tablet from anywhere in the world. The new ATLANTIK V4 offers 14 new types of custom made dual core LEDs in the nanometer range from 380nm to 850nm. It features 78 customized high efficiency 5w Dual-Chip power LEDs – total of 156 individual LEDs to provide maximum photochemical efficiency. 

This item will be shipped directly from Orphek if it's currently not in stock. 

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Benefits of the new Atlantik:

  1. Renders most natural appearance to the tank from 10K to 50K
  2. Provides the right amount of RED and IR LEDs
  3. Contains Full dimming capacity on all channels, 0-100% with progressive dimming
  4. Mobile App available through Apple Store or Google Play
  5. WiFi access allows the ability to control and program 200+ individual units
  6. Provides the best: PAR/PUR per watt; Highest Spectrum output; and Highest efficiency power supply
  7. New Spectrum for better coral growth, color and health
  8. Four separate control and programming channels
  9. Full body acrylic while beautiful in design and aesthetics
  10. Provides the lowest watts consumption per LED
  11. 4 Channel Control
  12. Achieve a Kelvin temperature between 18k and 30k: Channels 1 and 2
  13. Achieve that deep blue/purple actinic look that causes coral to fluoresce and show color that are not visible in the higher range of the visible spectrum: Channels 2 and 3
  14. Achieve a warm shallow sunlit reef and extend the range from 10K to 18K: combining Channel 4 with 1
  15. Increase the overall range of the light to 10k-30k: combining all 4 channels and adjusting to your preferences
  16. Channel 4 is also great for photographing

Orphek has already set the standard in the market for its advanced comprehension of color spectrums and its influences on coral physiology and once again is releasing another cutting-edge and groundbreaking technology by bringing a revolutionary change in the spectrum provided by diodes and supplying its best product developed specifically for the needs of photosynthetic marine invertebrates.

Key Features

  • Built- in Wireless Worldwide Remote and Local programming, control and monitoring
  • Compatible with Wi-Fi/ 3G and 4G Internet connectivity
  • Compatible with IOS (Iphone and Ipad) and Android (Cell and tablet)
  • Free apps available (App Store & Google play)


  • Ability to program multiple Atlantiks individually, in groups or in unison
  • Eight pre-installed programs/ unlimited custom programs and group programming
  • Large storage with capacity for additional programs
  • Sunrise / Sunset  Full dimming capacity in all channels, 0-100% with progressive dimming
  • Strong clouds / soft clouds simulations
  • Demo Mode 

Whats included

  • Power cord with waterproof connector
  • Stainless steel hanging kit
  • Driver
  • Mean well Fan-less IP65 power supply

** Requires the Gateway to control the light

Atlantik v4 Details:

Light Unit Body Material: Black acrylic housing and silver stainless steel grill

Default Lens :Wide convex 120 degree

Lens Option: For Deep Aquarium  90degree , 60degree , 45degree ,15degree, 5 degree

Power extension cord with waterproof connector from Light Unit to Power Box: total 112? (2.85m)

Power Cord:  59″ (1.5 m)

Hanging Kit: 2 steel cables:  9.84” (250 mm); 1 steel cable:  70.86” (1.8 m)

Weight / Dimension

Light Unit Weight: 16.7 lbs (7.6kg)

Power box Weight:  2.2 lbs (1.02 kg)

Length: 27.55″ (700 mm)

Width: 17.71″ (450 mm)

Height: 7″ (180 mm)

Package Weight:25.35 lbs ( 11.5 kg )

Package V.W.:26.45 lbs ( 12 kg )

Unit Dimensions

Length: 24.21” (615mm)

Width: 9.37” (238mm)

Height: 2.11” (53.6mm)


Mean Well Driver Model: HLG-240H-48A

Input voltage: 100 ~ 240 / VAC277 – VAC for North America only

Frequency: 47 ~ 63Hz

Power consumption:  201~235 watt 

PF (power Factor) 0.973

Input Current (Amps) 0.883

Input Voltage (V) 217

Output Voltage(V)  48

Electrical outlet:  Region appropriate

* Input voltage: 100 ~ 240  As lower the input voltage the higher the Power consumption watt

110V-1, 107.3V, wattage is 221W, currency is 2.065A.

110V-2, 110V,   wattage is 216.1W, currency is 1.97A

220V-1, 205.2V, wattage is 211W, currency is 1.049A

220V-2, 220.2V, wattage is 208.4W, currency is 0.969A.

at 230V the wattage is 201W


Orphek Atlantik V4 Operational Manual 
Resetting your Atlantik V4 to Factory Default and Connect to the Gateway 2
Orphek Gateway 2 Manual PDF
Orphek Gateway Manual PDF
How to Reset the Orphek Atlantik v4 LED light

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