24w AquaBlue Azure Giesemann PowerChrome T5 Bulb

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Giesemann AquaBlue Azure PowerChrome T5 Bulb

Giesemann AQUABLUE AZURE is a high-power T5 tube with a strong and stable spectrum for lighting reef aquariums, thereby ensuring fascinating color effects and glorious coral growth. Developed for reef aquariums providing higher PAR to enhance the colors and growth of corals whilst producing a rich turquoise blue for optimum aesthetics. Color - a rich turquoise blue approximating to 16-17000 Kelvin - can be used as a stand alone tube or mixed with other colors within the range.

The turquoise and white spectrum is the perfect complement with the ACTINIC BLUE or the AQUABLUE CORAL PowerChrome lamps.

Available in 24w/24in, 39w/36in, 54w/48in and 80w/60 power levels

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