12K ReefLux 400w Mogul Base (SE) Bulbs

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400w Mogul Performance Series Bulbs

Obtain superior coral color & growth with ReefLux 12000K Single Ended Mogul Bulbs

  • Great Growth
  • Excellent Color
  • High Color Stability
  • Great for Electronic Ballasts
  • Available in 3 Popular Color Temperatures
  • Made in Japan

ReefLux Performance Series 400 Watt Bulbs

The ReefLux is the first true 10000 Kelvin full spectrum metal halide bulb to be offered to the aquarium market. ReefLux offers you the highest PAR rating that reduces the need for supplemental lighting. ReefLux was designed for when coral growth is of top priority. This particular warmer spectrum lamp has a pleasing element of blue color to help balance the lamps warmer nature giving it a bright white appearance. You will enjoy the intense light quality of the 10000K ReefLux Super Daylight for growing a wide range of corals, especially harder to keep shallow water species.

The ReefLux Reef Blend 12000 Kelvin lamp is designed to the perfect mix for both coral growth and color. ReefLux lamps output great par and brings out amazing colors and growth from corals. The ReefLux 12000K will offer the most pleasing aesthetic color and high par output that easily make this lamp a great choice for reefkeepers that like to show off their corals natural beauty.

The ReefLux Ultra Marine Glow 20000 Kelvin lamp is designed to bring out the vibrant colors and tones from your corals and fish. This lamp halters great par for its cooler spectrum rivaling many other lamps on the market. You now can run a cooler 20000K lamp and not sacrifice growth in the process. The ReefLux 20000K will offer the most pleasing aesthetic color and high par output that easily make this lamp a great choice for reefkeepers that like to show off their corals natural beauty.

NOTE: It is important that our SE mogul base lamps are positioned in the correct burn position. Please refer to the drawing and notice the small glass nipple in the center arc tube of the lamp. It is critical, for the correct color temperature to be obtained, that the nipple be positioned in the upper position when screwed into the E40 mogul socket. To help align this position you may have to pull the center tab in the mogul socket out to gain some length where the lamps base makes contact with the center metal tab. Make sure that once positioned in the correct angle that the bulb is snug and stable in the socket.

We recommend that ReefLux bulbs should be run with electronic metal halide ballasts or pulse start magnetic ballasts. Probe start magnetic ballasts will not fire ReefLux lamps properly, which could lead to difficulties with the bulbs. The ReefLux lamps are pulse start. Probe start ballasts may ignite the lamp, however the drawbacks are shorter life, color variation between lamps, a shift in color over time, and low efficiency. Our Reeflux lamps require an ignitor to fire throughout its life cycle.

Using HPS (High Pressure Sodium) or HQI magnetic ballast damages metal halide lamps. We do not warranty bulbs that are used with these ballasts. Metal halide bulbs being using on these improper ballasts run the risk of premature bulb life, explosion, improper color spectrum and excessively high ultraviolet radiation that could cause possible damage or death to fragile aquatic livestock. Anyone using our lamps with the above mentioned ballasts do so at their own risk, and we are not liable for bulb life or damage to aquatic livestock.

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