Giesemann Alkalinity KH Professional Test Kit

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Up to 40 Professional Alkalinity KH Tests

Advantages of GIESEMANN test kits:

  • Up to 40 Professional Alkalinity KH Tests
  • Lab grade - Highly precise measurements
  • Specifically designed for salt water application
  • Calibrated dropping bottles for a constant drop size
  • Well balanced measurement reagents
  • Simple user manual
  • High-quality color cards for determining the results
  • Unambiguous color change
  • Identical measurement results
  • Strict quality control and batch testing
  • Shelf life of up to 4 years without any reduction in quality

Giesemann Professional Alkalinity KH Test Kit

Alkalinity is essentially a means of quantifying the stability of pH in a solution, such as aquarium water. It is a measure of the concentration of various negatively charged ionic compounds (anions) such as carbonates, bicarbonates, borate and hydroxides in the aquarium water. If left unchecked, the alkalinity drops below a critical level and pH begins to fluctuate more wildly than is normally suggested (a daily pH shift of +/-0.2 is normal in marine aquaria), causing stress to livestock. 

Giesemann Alkalinity Test Kit is an easy-to-use highly accurate titration test In a marine aquarium, the alkalinity should be between 7° and 10° dKH (German carbonate hardness).  In a fresh water aquarium it should never drop below 3° dKH. 

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