Waterbox New Version to be released
21 May

Waterbox New Version to be released

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If you liked the Waterbox Aquarium Platinum series last year, you'll love the new releases this year.  They have a few new tank setups that will hit the market this summer. Click here to see their new lineup.  See below the new tanks to be release:

3 Platinum Frag tanks 

  1. 45 Gallon
  2. 60 Gallon
  3. 80 Gallon

3 Platinum Pro tanks

  1. 170 Gallon
  2. 190 Gallon
  3. 230 Gallon

3 Crystal Peninsula

  1. 172 Gallon
  2. 183 Gallon
  3. 211 Gallon

All of these tanks boast ultra clear low iron 10-19mm starephire glass on all 5 sides. They are glued together with super strong black silicon for strenght and at the same time giving it a nice aestitic look. The tanks come with a black mat glued to the bottom of the tank to ensure it's leveled when seated on the stand. The system comes with Dual adjustable overflow returns for the silent operation of the drain which is assist with the Precision gate valve.  Tuning the gate valve ensures it's quietness operation. The secondary Safety drain is there in case the main drain is clogged. The tank comes preglued and no other glue is necessary. The piping system comes standard with the flex hose for the return pump along with quick disconnect unions. The Professional sump comes standard on the Reef and Pro series with an additional seperate ATO tank for the largest PRO model; something to consider when desiding. The sump setup on these systems are extremely well built and thought out.  They also include an electric ATO system to keep the salinity level in check. The sump is large enough to keep media reactors contained inside or can be used as a refugium to help lower the nitrates and phosphates.  The multi-level filter sock chamber traps all the unwanted detritus keeping the water crytstal clear. The dual micron socks reduce noise, prevents clogging, and reduces chances of overflowing. It does not stop there.

The cabinet is made by world renown furniture manufacturer utilizing heavy duty UV coated plywood on all sides. It includes stainless hinges, push open doors and soft closing, and leveling feet with the 4 foot and larger models including a separate section for equipment storage. They come standard with leveling feet to ensure that the water is leveled even if the ground isn't.

Again they will be offered with a plywood double epoxy coated black or white stand.  Shipping will be free with freight as well.  Included in the tank setup includes a sump, the stand, ATO setup and tank.  We like what we see so far and can't wait till they come in!  If you are in need of a new tank setup, take a look at this lineup to see if it fits your needs.  Email us if you need a package deal with skimmers, lights, return pumps, etc.

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